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Greg Douglas

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Name: tutJejuro
Date: 23-Feb-2008
Comments: Good site.

Name: Elizabeth C.
Date: 22-Dec-2007
Comments: Just checking in to see your new work. Love the December wallpaper! Looking forward to what 2008 will bring us. :-)

Name: Susan M.
Date: 29-Sep-2007
Comments: You have some beautiful pictures.

Name: Paul V.
Date: 15-Sep-2007
Comments: Hey Greg - great pictures! You've got a sharp eye and I can't wait to see what you're going to produce with your new camera!

Name: Jerry
Date: 08-Aug-2007
Comments: I enjoyed your site very much.. You have some very exciting and lovely pictures.. Thanks for sharing...

Name: Kristine
Date: 04-Aug-2007
Comments: Thank you so much for setting up this site! I have it listed on my homepage, so I can quickly view your truly beautiful photographs.

Name: Elizabeth C.
Date: 11-July-2007
Comments: MAGNIFICENT!!   Love the July Calendar Wallpaper.

Name: Karen
Date: 18-May-2007
Comments: Beautiful pictures... Makes me want to get my camera out again!!

Name: Gregory Douglas II
Date: 17-Mar-2007
Comments: Hey Pops, how's it going? I see some of my web skills finally rubbed off on you.... lol.  Love the site, now I can put your wallpapers on all the government computers.... just kidding, not allowed.  Well, good job!!!

Name: Jackie Sowash
Date: 05-Mar-2007
Comments: Your sister sent me the site... it's great. I love the pictures of San Francisco, which make me a little home sick. I'll have to send you some Mammoth Cave pictures from Kentucky.

Name: Managgeres
Date: 04-Mar-2007
Comments: I realized when reviewing my itinerary carefully for the first time that I had inadvertently booked myself an 11 hour layover in Heathrow on my trip from Boston to Barcelona. I panicked, then found this site. Now I still feel stupid, but at least I don't feel alone.

Name: Gnomik
Date: 01-Mar-2007
Comments: Like the site a lot. Would like to use not only the clip art but also some of your photos as inspiration for other hand craft work - embroidery, beading, fabric painting, henna. Feel free to email me or to look up my livejournal, username strega42.

Name: Shah Fahad
Date: 02-Feb-2007
Comments: Your Web Site is really wonderful and I bookmarked it. Thank your for the hard work you must have put in to create this wonderful facility. Keep up the excellent work!

Name: Elizabeth C.
Date: 31-Jan-2007
Comments: Checking out the new stuff. Beautiful!!! Sweet story about your daughters enactment of Forrest Gump in the Chronicles section.

Name: Michael
Date: 19-Jan-2007
Comments: This is very interesting site...

Name: Azeem Maqsood
Date: 15-Dec-2006
Comments: Its a cool website. It has some pure and selective and gorgeous stuff. One if the very best sites on the net. I love it. Wonderful Winderful work. Well done!

Name: Dianna Hughes
Date: 13-Nov-2006
Comments: This is a wonderful site awesome. I love the wallpaper. Keep up the good work.

Name: Bill
Date: 13-Oct-2006
Comments: Good site!

Name: Elizabeth C.
Date: 10-Oct-2006
Comments: Love the new stuff. Wallpaper Calendar! Awesome!!!. Love it. Great idea. Keep it up. :-)

Name: Elizabeth C.
Date: 27-Aug-2006
Comments: Just thought I'd drop back in to check out your new work. Very nice! Like the old junk pile.

Name: Phillip
Date: 21 Jul 2006
Comments: Hey Bro! I'm here in Tennessee and thought that I would drop in and check for a few new pic's and say Hey!!!!

Name: chris
Date: 18 Jul 2006
Comments: hi dad i am n OHIO adding your pictures to all the computers here.... lol

Name: Elizabeth C.
Date: 12 Jun 2006
Comments: Great work!!!  I love them all.  My fav is the red sunset in the Nature gallery.  What an incredible wallpaper it makes!!!  Thanks for sharing your beautiful art.  :-)

Name: your Bro, Phil
Date: 24 Apr 2006
Comments: Just thought that I would stop in and pick up a few new Desktop photo's to add to my computer at work. Everyone always says that I have the best desktop's and I must say that I agree.

Name: John A.
Date: 27 Feb 2006
Comments: Really nice work GD, I'll keep checking your site. Good job!

Name: Gregory Douglas II
Date: 10 Feb 2006
Comments: Hey man this site is a really good site. All the photography is wonderfull. Hope to see some more work from you. Check out my website at www.solomonsashes.com.

Name: Lori Jensen
Date: 19 Jan 2006
Comments: Nice web site, excellent backgrounds, THANKS !

Name: Maxine W.
Date: 02 Dec 2005
Comments: I really love the orange & black butterfly wallpaper in gallery 1. I have set it as my wallpaper on my laptop. Thank-You, It's beautiful.

Date: 24 Nov 2005
Comments: I love your photos and my co-workers all comment on how much they enjoy your photos on my desktop at work. i change my desktop almoast every day.

Name: Steve R.
Date: 23 Nov 2005
Comments: Thanks for the beautiful backgrounds, the frogs in gallery 4 are my favorite's.

Name: SweetVal
Date: 16 Nov 2005
Comments: I love your picture's and hope to see more in the future. your friend sweetval

Name: Dabome
Date: 05 Nov 2005
Comments: The pitchures are really good for making backgrounds. I like the yellow daisy pitchure. That because I like daisy's. Well thanks for the really kool background.

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