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Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season this year from Pixel Manifest.

The Suisun marina dressed up for ChristmasThe Christmas tree at the Suisun marina.


Get in the spirit with one of these beautiful Christmas wallpapers adorning your computer screen. You may also save a copy to your computer for the purpose of sending to family and friends as a Christmas e-card or print and mail it as a postcard.

"Sunset Over Montezuma Slough" - 1024x7688/07   MONTEZUMA SLOUGH

This spectacular orange sunset was captured at Montezuma Slough on the Grizzly Island Wildlife Preserve in Suisun CA. It was near the end of another ordinary day until the sun dropped behind the clouds then the sky just seemed to light-up on fire. Along with activities like fishing, hunting, hiking, bird watching, nature viewing, and boating this preserve provides plenty of photo opportunities for the aspiring photographer.

"Historical Wagon Wheel" - 1024x7683/07   OLD WAGON WHEEL

This historic old wagon wheel serves as a reminder to the arduous days of the past. Although no longer in use, this wheel without doubt, has provided numerous decades of service. It is on an old piece of farm equipment which now rests at Peña Adobe, just south of Vacaville off I80. The lighting shortly before dusk was perfect for revealing the rusting metal, peeling paint, and dry and cracking wood, complete with fungus.

"Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolate" - 1024x7681/07   LIFE IS LIKE A ...

I'd like to start this new year off with a special wallpaper for me. This photograph of my daughter with me was all her idea, I'm just glad I had my tripod. We happened upon these props from the movie  "Forrest Gump" on Pier 39 in San Francisco. She wanted to re-enact a scene from the movie where She (playing Forrest) shares her life story with whoever sits on the bench next to her, in this case me. What a great idea, I will remember your story forever my Princess, Thank You.  Hope you like the wallpaper?

Weathered Roof Top, a photographic wallpaper for your desktop.    1024x76811/06   WEATHERED ROOF TOP

The different textures and contradicting lines drew my attention to this roof top in Vacaville. Shot in the early morning the lighting reveals the peeling paint on the wood and stucco and the weathered surfaces of the shingles and brick. I did punch up the color of the sky a little with software to achieve the end result seen here.
                                                                           ............ comments welcome

Seagull in Flight - 1024x7689/06   SEAGULL IN FLIGHT

This is a slightly altered rendition of the full color version of Seagull In Flight, found in the gallery. Originally shot on Kodachrome film with my old FTB, I scanned the slide at 800dpi and resized the resulting digital image to 1024x768. Using Photoshop I added a Channel Mixer Layer with a check placed in the Monochrome box and then blocked the effect on the seagull by painting over it on the active layer mask. Result: A black and white bird, the seagull which is in color, set against a grayscale background. I like it!

Cana flower - 1024x7687/06   CANA FLOWER

I stumbled on this shot while turning the sprinkler system on in my front yard yesterday morning. This beautiful Cana flower had just opened over night and was begging to have a picture taken. I obliged and took several shots, this one is my favorite. I intentionally stopped  the aperture down to F/11 to keep the water droplets on the petals and the leaves in focus. Kind of a busy background but will render well as a computer wallpaper.

Painted Flower - 1024x7685/06   PAINTED FLOWER

.... April Showers bring May Flowers, or something like that ? It was a warm day, the wind was relatively calm. I had not used the macro mode of my camera for a while so what the heck. This photograph was taken from approximately  3 to 4 inches from the flower, then edited on the computer to achieve this effect. I blurred the background and then applied a filter to give the appearance of a hand painted picture.

River Rats - 1024x768 2/06    RIVER RATS

It's early Saturday morning on the Ohio River.  Two friends are preparing to embark on their weekly fishing trip.  You can barely see the outline of  trees through the fog on the other side of the river.  With a bit of  luck there will be fish for dinner tonight.

I took this picture while visiting my grandfather in Manchester, OH.   One of the boating  clubs  there adopted the name  ' The River Rats'   hence the picture's  title.

Treed Possum - 1024x768 1/06   TREED POSSUM

After raining non-stop seemingly for days on end I couldn't resist an opportunity to get out of the house during a break in the storm. I took my camera and walked two blocks to Alamo Creek  thinking I was going to get a picture of the swollen stream. Upon arrival  I was greeted by  this small opossum that had found refuge from the quickly rising water in this  sapling. 

Jet Engine - 1024x76811/05   JET ENGINE

Okay, so it's not the usual  scenic or nature wallpaper your accustomed to seeing here at Pixel Manifest. Thought  I would upload something a little different today.
This picture was taken at a recent air show at Travis AFB, the engine is on a C-5A Galaxy I believe.  The circular shapes and the contradicting  pattern  of the fan blades caught my eye. This could make an interesting  picture  I thought?   Let me know what you think?

Kings Creek - 1024x7689/05     KINGS CREEK

Have posted some new backgrounds from a recent trip to Lassen National Forest and the surrounding area, including Redding, Burney Falls, Old Station, and Shingletown. This one is called KINGS CREEK and was taken in Lassen National Park.

A sincere Thank You to Randy & Diane for so graciously sharing your mountain home with us. It's truly beautiful. THANKS !

Mix Canyon - Desktop Background 800x600Blue Ridge Hills - 800x6008/05  MIX CANYON / BLUE RIDGE

Some of the best photo opportunities can arise on days you would least expect.  With nothing else to do, my daughter and I decided to go for a drive one foggy day (sounds like a Christmas story don't it ?)  looking for picture's, a sort of  photo expedition you might say. We followed Mix Canyon Rd to the top of the Vacaville Hills, where once above the fog we were both awestruck  by the view . The soft blankets of  fog accompanied by the subtle colors of the hills and sky, a picture to remember. We are both very happy to be able to share some of that beauty with you. The photo on the left is called  Mix Canyon  and to the right is  Blue Ridge  both named after the two roads we used to get to the top.

  7/05   GOING  LIVEThis background is no longer available.                    

Finally something to see here, other than the coming soon page.  (It was getting old) Though the site is still a work in progress I have chosen to upload it to the server and work on it here. PIXEL MANIFEST is the name I have chosen for this site that basically will showcase some of my photography. Each photo has been resized so to fit as a background or wallpaper for the most common screen resolutions. Feel free to use any image in the Gallery as your background. What's new ? Right now it's all new,  PIXEL MANIFEST officially launched in July 2005 amidst great fanfare, parades and celebration. Yeah Really ! THANKS to family and friends who have helped, encouraged and badgered me. I will be continually updating and adding content here so check back periodically. Enjoy your visit and be sure to check out the galleries for a background you might like ?

Trout Creek - 800x6007/05    TROUT CREEK

This shot is currently one of my favorites and routinely makes the rounds as a background on my computer. Taken from a small foot bridge over a slow moving stream at sunset in South Lake Tahoe, it's called TROUT CREEK. I really like the colors in this photograph and the way the sky is reflected in the water.

Desktop icons show up really well on this background.


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